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Bird animal nature wildlife photography site is designed and created by Dr. Mukesh Garg to share his unlimited focus work on bird,animals,nature and wildlife .

He also loves sharing his views,reviews, and ideas,basic camera setting ,exposure guide,tips and tricks on photography.Being a full-time medical professional,it is though very tough to spare time to write a blog. But he thinks that writing articles is a very effective way to share his extensive focus work on the bird ,animals,nature and wildlife photography. He is also engaged in macro photography.He is a doctor by profession and he has his own Ortho Speciality Set up in his small town Gangapur City.

Photography for him is not a living stuff but a loving passion. He focuses mainly on the bird,animal,nature,wildlife and macro photography. He uses Canon equipment.

All his work is not for sale from his side but only for sharing. He also offers a free download of some of his images which have got worldwide recognition.All you have to do is to sign up and become a registered member on his site.You can get the unlimited benefit of downloading and sharing his work

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You can download thousands of birds animals nature animals and wildlife images.All Images which are available for download can be used for commercial purpose.All images were taken by Dr. Mukesh Garg. Please feel free to download images for using them as wallpaper, canvas, photo frame, make an album or for school educational project.Business, personal, charitable and educational design projects: it may be used in web design, printed media, advertising, book covers and pages, music artwork, software applications and much more.  Please note the image you download will not have a watermark.  You can use them for educational purpose, project work in school, for NGO, nonprofit social services,and of course to decorate your home wall, greetings, for making an album etc.You can register here to avail the unlimited benefit of downloading and sharing his photographs. All photographs are full sizes,watermark free and no copyright issue.